How to Work Together

One main benefit of working with Measured Transformation is in our flexibility in meeting our client’s where they are. We proudly offer four contract vehicles that can serve as the basis for any engagement. 

This contract type is our most flexible and features hourly rate(s) based on individual task types. A Scope of Work (SOW) will be created to outline the effort and provide a breakdown of each deliverable mapped to task type and rate. T&M engagements often are accompanied by a retainer stating a minimum number of hours in a given time period. T&M contracts are invoiced monthly on net 30 terms.

Retainer engagements are negotiated based on a recurring bank of hours or tasks that must be completed within a given time frame. Retainer contracts guarantee a minimum amount of work to be completed at the client’s direction and can adapt to evolving needs or scope creep on project-based work. Retainers can be time-bound or not and are often accompanied by a T&M overage rate. 

Measured Transformation also delivers solutions via a staffing model. With our vast network of freelancers and colleagues, should you need to staff a team or build out a new department, we can help find you the right talent through direct placement (one-time fee) or 1099 contract workers (recurring fee). 

For high-level strategic work, client’s can also hire Measured Transformation and its principals as fractional executive resources. This cost-effective approach to building an executive team will allow small- and medium-sized businesses the ability to manage expenses while still getting the expertise needed to scale the business. 

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